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I’m a skilled person

The overseas professionals, Managers, Tradespersons, and international graduates in Australia can apply for this visa program whose occupation is listed in the skilled occupation list(SOL/CSOL) due to the shortage of these skills in Australia. They are called the General Skilled Migration

The various Skilled Migration Visas include:

  • Skilled Independent
  • Skilled Nominated/Sponsored
  • Skilled Regional

The visa invitation is based on a point system where the candidate is awarded points based on:

  • Age
  • Qualification and work experience
  • Their nominated occupation should be on the skilled occupation list(SOL/CSOL)
  • Positive skills assessment
  • English Skills – as they meet the relevant scores for the prescribed occupation.
  • Sponsors/relatives if any
  • Their willingness to live and work in the regional areas of Australia.

To qualify for the invitation of the prescribed visa the clients should successfully meet pre-determined point score and send an Expression of interest through the skill select.

Our Role in the process

Help our clients with:

  • Advising the right skills and update the skills list.
  • Checklist of the documents.
  • Advice the appropriate assessing bodies for the assessment.
  • Submit the documents for the assessment in behalf of our client
  • Ensuring the process and EOI has everything necessary to be considered for a visa.
  • And help with the visa process once the client receives an invitation.

I want to start to invest /do business in Australia

Business/Investor Migrations

Through the

  • Business Innovation Stream
  • Investor Stream
  • Significant Investor Stream
  • Premium Investor Stream
  • Entrepreneur Stream

Our Role in the process

Advise the client:

  • With the right investment visa
  • Summary of the common successful business and franchises in the region.

Partner visas

Partner/Family Migration

We help with different kinds of visa process for migration for the overseas partner or family to join their beloved ones in Australia who is an Australian citizen or permanent resident of Australia.

Visas include:

  • Partner visa
  • Prospective Marriage visa if you intend to marry in Australia with your partner who is an Australian/ Permanent resident of Australia.
  • Different parent visas
  • Child visas including the sponsoring/adoption visa.

I want to sponsor

Employers Sponsored visas

These visas are for the local businesses in Australia who are unable to find required skilled employers locally and must hire from overseas due to the shortage of certain skilled workers. We are keen to help in recruiting the appropriate skilled workers for the businesses and with their visa process.

I want to study in Australia

Student visas

Suggest our clients:

  • to find a course that matches their budget and goals
  • document checklist
  • English skills requirement
  • Student health cover
  • Guidance with application.

Apply for Australian citizenship/PR renewal

We also assist prospective people with the application procedure who are looking forward to applying for Australian Citizenship or renew their Permanent residency.

I want to Visit Australia

You can visit Australia for a brief period (mostly a visa is issued for three, six, or twelve months), for sightseeing, visiting your friends and family, or do a short-term Business activity and attending a conference. The subclass of visa is different for each activity mentioned above. We provide guidance with choosing and preparing the application for tourist visa for anyone who wants to travel to Australia for work or Leisure or a working holiday visa.

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