New Entrepreneurs Visa Exclusive to South Australia

New Entrepreneurs Visa Exclusive to South Australia

The following is a transcript of the Speech to the ASEAN Heads of mission, Adelaide – Asia, Investment, Exports, Trade, International Students, Education, Visas, Defense, Industry by Steven Marshall, Premier of South Australia on 12th of March 2019.

“Over 5,000 students from ASEAN countries are studying in here while increasingly, students from South Australia are studying elsewhere in the region.

This is a powerful tool for us to create a bright future for our youth together, and to contribute to a prosperous and harmonious Asia – Pacific Region. I am aware that during the program for your visit, you are discussing education as well as some of our other key industries and the opportunities they provide for further mutually beneficial co-operation and development. So i will try to build on this by outlining the key measures my government is putting in place to put innovation at the heart of that agenda.

We are developing and rolling out specialized entrepreneurial education, starting at high school level and enhancing this from universities through incubators and accelerators for start-ups and entrepreneurs of all ages. And we are actively reaching out to you to connect to the wider opportunities in the region.

For example, Flinders University’s New Venture Institute is one of the Asia – Pacific’s top ranking incubators. It welcomed 26 Indonesian entrepreneurs to Adelaide for a course on start-up ecosystems and business models, in partnership with the Australian Government. That’s just one example. We want to do much more.

To make the opportunities in this ecosystem more accessible and more open to international collaboration, we have put in place a new Entrepreneurs Visa exclusive to South Australia. It’s quicker. It’s easier.

It removes the need to secure major funding before applying, and it offers extra support through our local incubation and acceleration providers. South Australia also Continues to work with our Federal Government to create additional new migration pathways, as we want to attract greater numbers of skilled migrants to our state.

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