Places to Visit – Lake McKenzie, Fraser Island, Australia

Places to Visit – Lake McKenzie, Fraser Island, Australia

Located 100 meters above sea level, Lake McKenzie on Fraser Island is one of the most Beautiful and well known freshwater lakes in Australia. The lake is a “perched lake” meaning it exists well above the water table and is thus comprised of pure rainwater only.

This unique environment, along with the high levels of acidity in the lake, makes the water suitable for nearly all forms of plant and fish life. Without natural waste from plant and animal life, the lake is extremely pure. Strangely enough, the lake is too pure to sustain natural life that would otherwise inhabit its waters. Along with the clean water, the sand around Lake McKenzie is pure silica, giving the beach a shimmering white colour. The famous heart shaped tree adds to the already pretty landscape.

Unfortunately, human introduced compounds, such as sunscreen, soaps, and lotions, which wash off bathers’ bodies is growing concern and could degrade the pristine blue lake.

Know before you go

Drive 120 miles north of Brisbane and board a barge to Fraser Island. Buses are also available to the ferry.