Victoria: Updated bond booklet

Victoria: Updated bond booklet

Victoria: updated TCV designated investment bond booklet for visa subclass 188 (business innovation and investment) and 405 (investor retirement)

The Treasury Corporation of Victoria (TCV) has released an updated version of its Designated bond booklet for the following visa sub-classes:

  • Business Innovation and investment (Provisional) visa (Subclass 188) – Investor Stream; and
  • Investor Retirement (Subclass 405) visa.

Below is a summary of the major changes in the updated booklet that take effect on 11th of February 2019:

1 – Designated bond applicants must not send their funds to TCV’s bank account until TCV has received and approved all required application documentation.

2 – The TCV registry (Computer-share) will inform the bond applicants/applicant’s agent when their application forms are approved, and they can transfer their funds.

3 – The applicants must ensure the bank account(s) used for sending funds to TCV and the number of funds transfers match the details provided in their application form.

4 – No more than a maximum of 5 separate funds transfer into the TCV bank account will be accepted.

5 – All applicants will be required to provide a summary of their career history.

6 – Agents and applicants are required to commence using the new application forms no later than the 11th of February 2019.

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